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Social media bundles consist of data that is designated for social media usage and standard data for other online activities. These bundles, available on specific social media platforms listed below, can solely be acquired through prepaid credits.

This service is eligible for prepaid and hybrid (Flex Jr, Choice, and Select) customers using prepaid credit to make purchase.

A customer can make a purchase from one of the three available choices:

  • IVR- Dial 762 | Select your language preference (1- English/ 2- Spanish) | Choose the following number to purchase based on your preference.
  • Using the Smart app (It can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store)
  • USSD- Dial *100# | 6. Purchase Bundles | 5. Social Media Bundles | Choose the following number to purchase based on your preference.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest & WeChat

You can check if you have an outstanding loan balance by one of the available choices.

  • Send text message to code ‘9666’ and enter ‘Your phone #’ in the body of the message.
  • Dial *100#, Select (1- Balance Query) then Select (2-Data Balance).
  • Using the Smart app

Bundle Name





Mini Social Pass



12 Hours



Small Social Pass



1 Days


Medium Social Pass



3 Days


Large Social Pass



7 Days


Smart offers this service permanently to their prepaid and hybrid (Flex Jr, Choice, and Select) customers.

Regular data refers to the standard data used for browsing or downloading content from any applications or websites.

Social Data specifically pertains to data that is exclusively usable with the chosen social media plans

Yes, your expiration date will be extended based on the time or purchased

Yes, customers can purchase these bundles alongside other data bundles and can hold various balances of different types of data.

You will receive an SMS notification informing you that your social data balance has depleted and prompting you to purchase another social pass to continue enjoying the service

You can call for assistance at 1090 or email us at

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