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Dedicated Internet

Experiencing unreliable Internet service? Are you not getting the speeds you are paying for?

Smart’s Dedicated Internet Service provides high speed Internet dedicated only to your company. This premium Internet option offers reliable service with guaranteed upload and download speeds.

Smart provides Dedicated Internet service to Enterprise customers throughout most parts of Belize. This premium Internet Service allows you to keep connected at all times and provides a dedicated connection to your organization with a guaranteed uptime of 99% via wireless point to point  or fiber connection. 

Our Guarantee

  1. Guaranteed 100% upload and download speeds (1:1);
  2. Fully Secured and reliable fiber or wireless connection;
  3. 24/7 Monitoring and Support of your Internet Connection;
  4. Quick Response to any faults;
  5. Redundant network for Hardware and ISPs;
  6. SLA commits to 99% service availability. 
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