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Our Mission

To enhance our customer’s lifestyle by providing affordable, innovative, cutting edge wireless communication solutions

Our Vision

To be the leader in communication services by consistently providing affordable, reliable, and quality products and excellent customer service.

Our History

Speednet Communication was granted license to offer full telecom services to Belize in August 2003. This was the beginning of a new era that would bring the end of monopoly and the beginning of fair competition to Belizeans. Speednet employees worked arduously to build a new network that would offer innovative products and affordable services. Speednet Communications opened for business in March 2005, with the launch of our cellular brand, Smart. Our objective at that time was to provide the best wireless communication services in Belize at the best rates. Since then the company has grown from a small company providing services to approximately 5,000 customers to a well-respected provider with over 110,000 customers. Today, Speednet can proudly say that the services and products it provides have greatly enhanced the lives of its customers. We are known for competitive rates, unbeatable coverage, superior customer care, and a wide variety of innovative products and services.

            How we have grown

August 2003 March 28th 2005 - Planning, network rollout, testing and implementation–

March 29th 2005 – Commercial Launch of Smart

October 2011 – Launched Countrywide 3G Network

December  2012  - Upgraded Short Messaging Service Center (SMSC)

December 2015 – Launched Countrywide 4G LTE Network

July 2017 – Launched UMTS Network and Upgraded Online Charging System

February 2020- Expansion of Roaming Coverage to a multitude of countries.

  • Our People 

Smart has a diverse set of Executives, Managers and Employees. Each specialized area is spearheaded by passionate industry leaders who inspire the teams to keep being innovative and actively looking for solutions to enhance our customer’s lifestyle. Starting off with just 25 employees in 2005, the company has now expanded to over 160 employees. The Smart staff is equipped with various skills sets that add to the overall vision of the company to be the leader in communication services.We have excellent communicators who lead the Customer Service Department; skills honed over the years of active training and development. Technical staff filled by both women and men who develop software, networking and data analysis that develop creative solutions to our customers. Marketing leaders that provide crucial marketing strategies that align with the goals of the company and establish key metrics that measure success rates for the Product development team who oversee new product/service designs and work to take those products to the market. 


Ernesto Torres

Chief Executive Officer

Ernesto Torres joined Speednet in 2007 and in 2008 became CEO. He holds a BSC (hons) in Electrical Engineering with Specialty in Telecommunications from the University of the West Indies (1973).

In his previous employment, Mr. Torres served as Chief Operations Officer of Belize Telemedia Ltd from 1995 to 2002 and was a member of the Senior Management Team for most of his employment at Telemedia. He also holds certificates in Engineering and Economic Decision Making, Earth Station Management, Regulating the Telecommunications Industry and Voice over IP Technology.

Mr. Torres has more than thirty six (36) years of successful and progressive management and technology experience in the Telecommunications industry in Belize.

Rashud Constantino

Chief Financial Officer

Rashud Constantino holds an MBA from University of the West Indies (2006) and a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from University College of Belize (1998).

He is currently employed at Smart as the Chief Financial Officer – a position he has held since March 1, 2012.

Rashud has over 16 years of experience in the Finance/Accounting field and 13 years in Accounting/Finance management position

Juan Pablo Lorenzetti

Head of Department: IT Development and Operations

Juan Pablo Lorenzetti has been a member of Speednet’s Management Team since 2011 and holds the following qualifications:
Systems Engineering (UPSA), Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia, South America (2002)
Informatics Engineering (Common Studies for Engineering), Universidad Diego Portales” Santiago, Chile, South America (1998)

He has over five years’ experience at Senior Management level and is the Senior Manager with responsibility for IT Development and IT Operations.

Miguel Ruiz

Head of Department: Networks Department

Mr Ruiz holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Electronics Engineering from the Instituto Tecnologico de Aguascalientas; along with numerous Management and Project Management certifications. He has over 20 years of experience in Telecom. Mr Ruiz has been employed by Speednet Communications Ltd since 2009. Over the 20 years, Miguel has spearheaded the rollout of mobile 3G and 4G telecommunications services expansions, led transmission network migration from TDM to IP technology and the implementation of the UMTS 3G platform(Speednet). In 2016 he has promoted to Speednet’s Senior Management team, a post he currently holds. That same year he was part of the management lead time that planned and implemented Speednet’s UMTS 3G platform. From 2016 to date Miguel has overseen the growth of Speednet’s access base from 60 to 118 sites. Miguel holds numerous certifications in Management and Project Management.

Martha Molina

Head of Department: Human Resources and Administration

Martha Vasquez Molina joined Speednet in 2021 as the Head of Human Resources and Administration. She holds a Masters of Science in Business Management and a BSC (hons) in Psychology from the University of Durby, UK.

In her previous employment, Mrs. Molina served as the Head of Human Resources with CHUKKA, Belize and prior to this as the General Manager, Human Resources of Belize Telemedia.

Mrs Molina has over 30 years experience in Human Resources, mostly in telecommunications. She also holds certificates in Counseling, Finance and Team Building.

Lisa Gonzalez

Head of Department: Marketing, Business Unit & Sales

Lisa Gonzalez is a passionate Marketer, who inspires and empowers her team. Devoting over 20 years of work in the Telecom Industry; mainly in the fields of Product Development and Marketing & Sales, she ignites real results for the company.

A noteworthy leader with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Belize, she currently Heads the Marketing & Sales Department which includes Corporate Sales, Marketing, Product Development & PR, as well as the business unit and Procurement and Quality Control.

Marie Gomez

Head of Department: Customer Service

Mrs. Marie Gomez joined the Smart Family in February of 2007 as a Manager in the Customer Service Department. Since then she has been promoted and is now the Head of Department with the responsibility for Customer Service and Direct Sales through the eleven Smart showrooms which fall under her management. Mrs. Gomez has over twenty years of experience at a managerial level and holds a Master degree in Business Administration which she obtained from The University of the West Indies.

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