• 2 1/2 Miles Philip Goldson Highway, Belize City, Belize
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Connect with Belize

Explore & Share while in Belize! Travellers visiting from abroad can get their very own local number and enjoy Calls + Text + Data!
It’s Cheaper than roaming!
travel phone plan

Why a travel sim?

Never lose connection to your friends and loved ones, no matter where you are in Belize! Share travel updates, check your flight tickets, book tours and new stays from the comfort of your own device, anywhere!

Available travel phone plan bundles for you!

Explore Belize bundle 1

Travel far, wide and never lose connection. Explore Belize!

Explore Belize bundle 2

Keep up to date with all the things most important to you!

*Talk-time can be used to make calls to any destination (per minute rates vary by country); it can also be used to purchase SMS Bundles and Data Packages. SMS can be used to text locally and internationally. Visit the nearest Smart office to purchase your SIM! Store locations, opening hours, and phone numbers can be found HERE!

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