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Mobile Data

Smart’s data customers can browse the web, share photos, send messages or emails, and get in contact with the rest of the world using their data capable devices! Data packages can be bought for your data capable phone, dongle or MiFi and can be used anywhere there is Smart coverage.

Customers can choose between:

Prepaid data customers can purchase any of the data packages available.

Premium Pay-As-You-Go
Customers who have a Dongle / MiFi can purchase 2000 MB of data or above as needed. No monthly bill or deposit required.


  1. Customers can sign-up for a plan to have 2000 MB of data or above added to their Dongle / MiFi. The cost of the package will be billed.
  2. If you deplete all the data in your package, you will still have access to the internet; you will be billed an additional $0.02 per MB of use until your plan replenishes, or until you use up to 200% of your package.
  3. Deposit is required.

Share Data

To transfer data from one Smart phone to another, kindly visit your nearest Smart showroom with your ID. A customer service representative will sign your number up for access to the My Account portal located in the menu of this website. Using My Account, you will be able to add/remove up to 10 numbers to your share group. This will allow you to add data to their account.

Data (MB) Price Expires In
24 Hours
24 Hours
3 Days
3 Days
7 Days
15 Days
30 Days
30 Days
40 Days
40 Days
Prices are inclusive of GST.

To Purchase Data For:

Your Smart Phone

  1. Visit a Smart Gimmedalla Agent (check for availability)
  2. Use the Smart App! Search for “Smart Belize” on Google Play or the App Store
  3. Or, use our Short Codes:
    • Call 638 (NET) for 1000 MB or below
    • Call 3282 (DATA) for 2000 MB or higher

Your Smart Dongle / MiFi

  1. Log in to Smart Lounge
  2. Visit your nearest Smart Showroom
  3. Or, using a Smart phone, send a text to 9666 (ZOOM); in the body of the message type the requested data package, a space, and the modem number.
    Example: To purchase 2000 MB of data, in the body of the message type: 2000m 670####

Checking Your Usage

To check your data usage send a text to 9666 (ZOOM), in the body of the message type the phone, dongle or MiFi number (Example: 670####). NOTE: Your balance will be reflected in MB.

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