Information / Customer Care (Toll Free) 1090, 1091, 1092, or 1093
Voice Mail Retrieval 111
Account & SMS Balance 122
SMS Bundles / Int’l SMS 767
Flex Bundles 3539
MB Data Packages 638
GB Data Packages 3282
Prepaid Card (Direct Recharge) 120 + Pin
Prepaid Card (3rd Party Recharge) 125
Calling Card 2273
CDMA Call Forwarding (Enable) *21 + Destination Number
CDMA Call Forwarding (Disable) *210
UMTS Call Forwarding (Enable) *21* + Destination Number + #
UMTS Call Forwarding (Disable) #21#
CDMA Private # for one time use *27 + Destination Number
UMTS Private # for one time use *67 + Destination Number
#31# + Destination Number

3 way calling

  1. Dial first number
  2. Press SEND
  3. Dial second number
  4. Press SEND
  5. PRESS SEND to connect


Emergency Police 911
Fire Department 90
Search and Rescue 999
Directory Assistance send a SMS to SDIR (7347), type the first
and last name of the person in the body
NEMO 936
BERT (Belize City) 92
IWF Belize Portal for reporting sexual
abuse, crimes, and cyber activities.
CLICK HERE for English
CLICK HERE for Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to speak with a Smart representative. What are the phone numbers for the Call Center or the nearest Smart showroom?
    Smart customers can contact our Call Center for free by dialing 1090, 1091, 1092, or 1093.
    Opening Hours are from 7:00am – 10:00pm, every day (including holidays).

    CLICK HERE for phone numbers, addresses, and opening hours for all our Smart showrooms countrywide.

  • What are your opening hours? Do you open on Saturdays?
    All our Smart showrooms countrywide open at 8:00am Monday to Friday and close at 5:00pm except for the two showrooms located in Belize City, they both close at 5:30pm.

    All our showrooms are open on Saturdays from 9:00am – 1:00pm.

  • Are there any deals or promotions currently available in the showrooms? What types of phones do you have? Do you accept trade-ins?
    The Device section of our website is kept up-to-date with a list of phones we usually keep in stock.
    CLICK HERE for pictures, prices, and specs. If we are currently running a sale, the promotional prices will be reflected.

    Regrettably, we do not have any trade-in promotions ongoing or planned for the near future.

  • Are there any payment plans available? How long does it take for approval?
    Yes, Smart offers customers the option to pay in monthly installments for phones costing $500 and above. CLICK HERE for the terms and requirements of our Installment Plan.

    We’ve also introduced a new leasing program called P.U.M.P. (Please Upgrade My Phone!) Customers on our Select, Plus, Share, and Enterprise plans can sign up to make monthly payments on a 12 or 18 month lease. At the end of your leasing term, customers can choose to either cover the difference and purchase the phone OR trade the phone in and upgrade to the latest model! CLICK HERE for terms and requirements.

    Applications are sent to our billing department at headquarters for approval. The showroom where you applied will give you a call within 5 business days after it has received a response from our billing department.

  • What are the requirements to get a Smart phone number? How much will it cost me?
    It costs $25 to have your phone programmed with a Smart phone number. If your phone requires a SIM, there is an additional cost of $15 for the SIM.

    To sign up for our Prepaid service, all you’ll have to bring with you is an ID. To sign up for our Postpaid service, you will be required to bring in an ID, an utility bill, and two-months’ deposit.

    NOTE: Phones bought from us already come with phone numbers pre-installed. No additional payment is required.

  • I have a Smart phone number, how much will it cost me to change it or transfer it to a new phone?
    Customers with Smart phone numbers registered in their name will not be charged anything to change it or transfer it to a new phone. All you’ll have to do is visit your nearest Smart showroom with an ID.
  • Under what circumstances my phone number would be deactivated? How much will it cost me to reactivate it?
    Our system automatically deactivates Prepaid phone numbers after three months of inactivity. A number is considered inactive if no calls are made.

    After a number has been deactivated it is usually recycled in our system and could potentially be redistributed. However, if the number is still available, there will be no charge to reregister it in your name and reprogram it to your phone. If it has been redistributed, you will need to purchase a new Smart phone number; the cost is $25.

  • My phone was lost or stolen, can Smart disconnect or deactivate my phone number for me?
    Yes, if the phone number is registered in your name, you can visit the nearest Smart showroom with an ID and request to have the line suspended until your phone has been found/returned or until you purchase a new one.

    If the phone number is not registered in your name, you’ll need to bring in a copy of the owner’s ID and a written letter authorizing you to suspend the line on their behalf.

    Additionally, if the phone was bought from Smart, we can ask our customer service representatives countrywide to be on the lookout for it should it ever turn up in one of our showrooms.

  • I’m planning on buying a phone, what are the system requirements if I want it to work on Smart’s network?
    Your phone will need to be brought in unlocked and should be able to connect to LTE band-13; it will either need to be CDMA 800/850 MHz or UMTS band-5.

    NOTE: If you are purchasing a phone from the U.S., phones made for the Verizon network work best.

  • Can a phone that uses a SIM card work on Smart’s network?
    Yes, it will work on our network if it connects to the UMTS band-5 frequency.

    NOTE: We recently launched a new UMTS network that will enable us to program phones that only use SIM cards to access our network. However, we are still in the early stages of development and coverage is currently limited to all major highways and towns with expanded coverage in Belize City, San Pedro, San Ignacio, and Santa Elena. Ask our representatives for coverage details.

  • Can Smart unlock my phone?
    We can only unlock iPhone versions 4 and up. It costs $50 to unlock an iPhone 4 and $150 to unlock iPhone versions 5-7.

    All other types of devices will need to be taken to an electronics store that provides unlocking services.

  • Is my phone under warranty?
    Yes, Smart phones are under a three month LIMITED WARRANTY which you can read below:

    Smart warrants that the device sold performs according to industry standards TIA/EIA–98-D and under normal network operational conditions will be able to receive and originate communications services in accordance with its respective capability.

    SMART by way of its authorized Service Centers, makes a commitment to repair or exchange at its sole discretion and without any liability, the eligible devices.

    Repair times will be determined by the type of fault of the device.


    • The device must be under the warranty period stated in the original receipt.
    • Only handsets purchased directly from Smart through its Showrooms or Authorized Dealers are covered.
    • Warranty coverage applies to the original buyer of the handset upon presentation of original receipt and proper identification.
    • Phones must be returned in their original boxes with all components and accessories (phone, charger, battery, etc), in as new conditions.

    This limited warranty does not cover and is void with respect to the following:

    • This limited warranty is not transferable to any third party, including but not limited to any subsequent purchaser or owner of the Product.
    • Handsets subjected to physical neglect, misuse, water damage, wear and tear and the like, and which have the serial number removed, defaced, altered or made illegible, are not covered under this warranty or any other.
    • Normal wear and tear damages are not covered by this warranty.
    • Displays, Keypads, Earpieces, microphones, cameras and accessories like batteries or chargers are not covered under this limited warranty.
    • This limited warranty does not cover complimentary, rented, lost or stolen phones or phones brought by customers.
    • Handsets which has been opened, repaired, modified or altered are not covered.
    • Any other conditions that are not included or detailed at the eligibility clause of this warranty.
  • My warranty is up. Do you do phone repairs? Do you sell accessories like batteries, chargers, etc.?
    Regrettably, we do not sell accessories nor do we do phone repairs.
  • Does Smart offer an unlimited home internet service?
    Yes, it’s called Broadband Unlimited Internet.
    CLICK HERE for information on the speeds we offer, their prices, locations where service is available, and requirements for sign-up.
  • I’m experiencing issues with my Broadband Unlimited Internet service. Can someone assist me in resolving it?
    Yes, we have a Support Line available for Broadband Unlimited Internet customers. Calling it will put you in contact directly with our technicians. They will be able to resolve whatever issues you may be experiencing over the phone!

    If you have a Smart phone, you can call the Support Line for free by dialing 0-800-SUPPORT. If you have a BTL/DigiCell phone, dial 280-0025.

  • What is a MiFi? How does it work? How much does one cost?
    MiFi are small, portable devices used to create an internet hotspot. It can provide 8-10 WiFi-capable devices (within a 20 foot radius) with a 4G LTE internet connection. The username and password for the MiFi scrolls across the screen, all you have to do to gain access is to turn on your Wi-Fi and connect to it.

    Our MiFi connect to our 4G LTE network, so internet is not unlimited. CLICK HERE for the data packages we offer, instructions on how to purchase data for your MiFi, and how to check your data balance.

    We have two MiFi models available for purchase, the Novatel Jetpack 5510L (CLICK HERE for its price and specs) and the Ellipsis Jetpack MHS700L (CLICK HERE for its price and specs).

  • How can I check my account, SMS, and data balance?
    To check your account and SMS balance, dial 122.

    To check your data balance send a text to ZOOM (9666), in the body of the message type 501 before the phone, dongle or MiFi number (Example: 501670####).

  • What do I dial to purchase a SMS bundle?
    Prepaid, Flex Jr., Choice, and Select customers can purchase a SMS Bundle with Primary credit by dialing SMS (767)!
  • How can I purchase a data package?

    To purchase data for your Smart Phone:

    • Dial NET (638) for MB data packages.
    • Dial DATA (3282) for GB data packages.

    There are three options to purchase data for your Smart Dongle / MiFi:

    1. Log in to Smart Lounge
    2. Visit your nearest Smart Showroom
    3. Or, using a Smart phone, send a text to ZOOM (9666); in the body of the message type the requested data package, a space, and 501 before the modem number.

      Example: To purchase 1GB of data, in the body of the message type: 1g 501670####
  • Can I purchase data packages or SMS bundles with promo credit?
    SMS bundles and data packages can only be purchased with primary credit. However, Flex Jr., Choice, and Select customers can purchase a combination talk, text, and/or data package with Primary or Promotional credit by dialing FLEX (3539)!

    Payment for these packages are deducted from your primary credit first then from your promo, so we usually suggest that customers purchase these packages when they are out of primary credit.

  • How can I set up my APN?
    Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Names
    “Name” should be set to smart and “APN” should be set to
  • How do I request a credit or data loan? How do I send an SOS?
    Prepaid, Flex Jr., Choice, and Select customers experiencing an emergency have several options available to get in contact with family, friends, and/or loved ones.
    CLICK HERE for instructions on how to take advantage of the different SOS services we offer.
  • How do I transfer credit from one Smart phone to another?
    To transfer credit from one Smart phone to another, send a message to DALLA (32552). In the body of the message, type in 501 + the Smart number you want to transfer credit to, add a space, and type the dollar amount you want to send (e.g. 501660#### 10)
  • How can I add credit to my account?
    Smart offers many easy options to add credit to your mobile phone. CLICK HERE for the different options that are available and choose the one that’s best for you!

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