Broadband Unlimited Internet

Get the fastest, most reliable Broadband Unlimited Internet in Belize! This exciting service - for home and business - allows customers to purchase unlimited data, at super-fast speeds, for a low monthly fee.

Broadband internet utilizes wireless technology - there is no need to run copper wires or set up a phone line! This will not only ensure a quick basic installation, but also remote troubleshooting, as well as quick maintenance and support. Our response time is almost as fast as our service!

Reliable, high speed, cost effective internet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity! SIGN UP TODAY!


  1. Valid Form of ID
  2. Utility Bill
  3. $90 Installation Fee
  4. One-Month Security Deposit
  5. GST Certificate (Required for Businesses Only)
  6. Customers will be required to sign a one-year contract

Support Lines

In need of assistance? Get in touch with our technicians directly by dialing these numbers!

  • 0-800-SUPPORT (Toll Free for Smart numbers)
  • 280-0025 (Fixed Line available for Digi numbers)

BOOSTED Packages, Same LOW Price!

Download Speed Upload Speed Price GST
5 Mbps* 2.5 Mbps $25 $3.13
10 Mbps 5 Mbps $55 $6.88
20 Mbps 10 Mbps $80 $10
32 Mbps 16 Mbps $136 $17
Available at the below locations. *5 Mbps is being offered at the locations highlighted in blue.


  • Corozal District
    Corozal Town
    San Joaquin
    San Narciso
    San Roman
    Santa Clara
  • Orange Walk District
    Orange Walk Town
    San Felipe
    Tres Leguas
    Trial Farm (available in most areas)
    TrinidadNOTE: Speeds in Blue Creek are 24 Mbps ($55), 44 Mbps ($80), & 86 Mbps ($136).
  • Belize District
    Belize City
    Caye Caulker
    Crooked Tree
    Lake Gardens
    Lords Bank
    Mile 8 (George Price Highway)
    Sandhill / Gardenia
    San Pedro
    Sunset Park
    Tropical Park
    Vista del Mar
    Western ParadiseNOTE: Speeds at the HRCU Housing Site are 24 Mbps ($55), 44 Mbps ($80), & 86 Mbps ($136).
  • Cayo District
    Benque Viejo del Carmen
    Bullet Tree
    Cotton Tree
    San Antonio
    San Ignacio
    San Jose Succotz
    Santa Elena
    Spanish Lookout
    Valley of Peace
  • Stann Creek District
    Gales Point
    Hope Creek
    San Roman
    Santa Cruz
    San Juan / Cowpen
    Santa Rosa
    Silk Grass
    Sittee River
  • Toledo District

    Bella Vista
    San Miguel
    Silver Creek

    NOTE: Punta Gorda is currently being offered discounted monthly rates!

Broadband + Mobile Bundles

Are you a new customer signing up for Broadband Unlimited Internet?
If you are, you can apply for a complimentary prepaid plan for your phone; or you can sign up for our exclusive postpaid plan for as low as $25 extra!
Check out the tables below to see how much you could be saving!

Broadband + Prepaid Plan

Speed Price GST Add-On Price Voice SMS Data (MB)
10 Mbps $55 $6.88 $0 50% OFF All National Calls 75 3800
20 Mbps $80 $10 $0 50% OFF All National Calls 130 6300
32 Mbps $136 $17 $0 50% OFF All National Calls 350 8000
Speeds in Blue Creek (Orange Walk) and HRCU Housing Site (Belize) are 24, 44, & 86 Mbps.

Broadband + Postpaid Plan

Speed Add-On Price Voice SMS Data (MB)
All Speeds $25 UNLIMITED Smart-to-Smart Calls + 500 Min. Smart-to-Digi Calls + $10 Credit for International Calls UNLIMITED 6300
Add-on price is inclusive of GST. Postpaid plan can be topped up with prepaid credit. After postpaid minutes are depleted, customers can make calls at a discounted 25¢ per minute.

Broadband + Netflix Bundle

Broadband customers can sign up for our Netflix Premium add-on! Create up to four profiles from which you and your family can stream unlimited HD movies and TV shows on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet!

Speed Price GST Add-On Price
10 Mbps $55 $6.88 $30 + GST
20 Mbps $80 $10 $30 + GST
32 Mbps $136 $17 $30 + GST
Add-on prices are exclusive of GST. Speeds in Blue Creek (Orange Walk) and HRCU Housing Site (Belize) are 24, 44, & 86 Mbps.