Smart Stream Service

What is Smart Stream?

Smart Stream is a Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) service that offers movie rentals for users on the platform. Licensed title or content will be made available for viewing by end-user on a demand basis, meaning users will need to browse the library and rent movies of their choice. Users will be able to rent movies using prepaid credit or charged to their postpaid bill.
The end-user can then view the rented title in private, once or repeatedly, during the expiration period for a distinct one-time fee only per program. Viewing can be done via streaming through Smart’s UMTS, UMTS-LTE, CDMA-LTE and Broadband Wi-Fi connections.

Note: This service is not compatible with regular CDMA Mobile devices. CDMA customers are encouraged to upgrade their devices to enjoy this service.


FAQ- Smart Stream Service

How does this video-on-demand service operate?

Smart Stream offers a wide selection of movies in its library. The video-on-demand service operates by having users select the video of their preference to rent and view. Therefore, to view a movie, the user will be required to rent that film. Once rented, the user will be able to watch the movie within the rental period granted.

Where can Smart Stream be used?

The Smart Stream service can only be used in the country of Belize. This service will not operate in other geographic locations.

Where can I download the app and what are the requirements to sign up for a Smart Stream user account?

The main requirement to register for a user account includes providing a valid email address and Smart phone number (must be an active mobile customer of Smart). It is free to register a user account! Register today, using the Smart Stream Website or download the app on the Google play store, linked below:

Note: The app is only available in the Belize Google play store. Kindly switch your store location, where necessary, to download.



<<Click here to visit the Smart Stream Webpage>> 

Is there a charge to download the app

The Smart Stream service can only be used in the country of Belize. This service will not operate in other geographic locations. The Smart Stream App is free to download and sign-up. Charges only apply when renting a movie.

Can Smart Stream be used on any internet connection?

Presently, the Smart Stream service can only be used on Smart’s UMTS, and UMTS LTE Mobile Data and Broadband Wi-Fi internet connections. Therefore, users of Smart Stream must utilize Smart’s mobile data or Broadband Wi-Fi connection to access this service.

How can I use the Smart Stream Service?

To use the Smart Stream service, you must create a user account using a valid email address and an active Smart phone number. Once you are registered for the service, you can proceed to browse the library for movies to rent. You can then select a film to rent using your prepaid credit balance or billed to your postpaid account.

Prepaid customers must have a sufficient prepaid credit balance on their phone to rent films. Postpaid customers will be billed monthly. If your rental charge is unsuccessful due to insufficient funds, please recharge your account and try again.

  Can users search for a movie or just browse a list?

Users are able to search for specific movies using the search bar. They are also able to browse the library to select a movie of their choice.

Can multiple movies be purchased at the same time?

Yes, users are free to rent as many movies in one session. Kindly note, users are only able to stream one active session (login) at a time. Therefore, while multiple movies can be purchased, titles must be viewed separately, one at a time during their validity period.

Will a confirmation message be sent upon successful purchase of a movie?

Upon successfully renting a movie, a confirmation message appears on the screen. The account registered email will also receive an invoice and the number charged will receive an SMS confirmation.

What is the cost of renting a movie on Smart Stream

The cost of renting a movie will vary based on the type of movie being rented. Each title should illustrate the cost price and a confirmation window will appear to verify your movie rental before processing. Please reference the below table for specific rental costs based on movie category (Prices are inclusive tax):

Movie Category Rental Cost
Premium Releases $16.00
New Releases (Current) $11.25
Regular Content (Rentals) $6.75
How/Where can I locate the movies rented?

The movies rented can be located in the “My Movies” tab and can be viewed within 7 days after renting. Once the user has begun viewing a movie, they have 2 days (48 hours) to finish viewing. Within the 48-hour expiration, a user can view the film as many times as desired.

Do movies have an expiration period?

Yes, movies have an allocated expiration period that varies based on whether the user has begun viewing the film or not. Please reference the below table with the expiration period based on viewing status:

Purchases Expiration once viewing begins Expiration to view the movie on purchase
Movie Rented 2 days 7 days
Can I register multiple accounts to a phone number?

Yes, multiple accounts can be linked to a single phone number. To link multiple accounts to a phone number, when registering each account, the account verification process must be followed for which the phone number will receive a unique verification code for each account linked.


  • The phone number registered with multiple accounts will be the number being charged for all rentals on associated accounts.
  • To register multiple accounts to a phone number, each account must have a different/unique email address, which will serve as the user name when logging into Smart Stream.
How many people can simultaneously use the same user profile/credentials?

Smart Stream only supports one person viewing per account. Therefore, once your account is in use by a person, the system will not permit any additional user logins. In order to login into a new device, the previous session must be logged out first.

If I have multiple accounts attached to a phone number, do rented movies on one account transfer to the other accounts?

No, movies rented on one user account do not transfer to other user accounts associated with that phone number. Each user account has its separate movie rentals, which do not transfer.

Can I rent a movie using a phone number that is not Smart?

No, to access the Smart Stream Service you must be an active Smart mobile customer. Make the switch today!

Can I use the App on Apple Devices?

No. Stay tuned for service expansion to Apple devices.

What happens if I have no prepaid credit on my account and would like to use this service?

If there is no prepaid credit balance on your phone, you will still be able to access your Smart Stream profile and watch any movies that have been previously rented and are still valid. Nonetheless, to successfully rent another movie, you will be required to recharge your account with the relevant amount to pay for the rental of your choice, unless you are a postpaid customer then it will be added to your bill.

Kindly note, once a user is connected to Smart’s broadband internet or using mobile data, the person will be able to access their Smart Stream account to view rented movies.

Can I use the Smart Stream Service while traveling on major highways and other roads within Belize?

Certainly, you can use the Smart Stream Service while traveling across Belize using your mobile data and cellphone service (reception). While traveling and using Smart Stream, users may experience service interruption in areas where there is poor or no cellphone reception. Therefore, there may be minor service interruptions when using Smart Stream while traveling due to passing areas with low or no reception. Kindly note, LTE Devices will provide the best streaming experience when travelling locally.


FAQ - Smart Stream Data Package

How long does the Smart Stream Data Package last?

The Smart Stream Data Package expires in 7 days or when depleted, whichever comes first.

How do I purchase the Smart Stream Data Package?

This data package can be purchased for $8 (inclusive taxes) by dialing 7737 (SSDP- Smart Stream Data Package) and following the operator’s instructions.

Can I purchase more than one Smart Stream Data Package?

Yes, you can purchase as many Smart Stream Data Packages as desired. The total data allowance will be combined. Priority is given to these packages based on the time of purchase.

What happens if I have an active Prepaid or Postpaid Data Plan?

Not to worry! If you have other active data bundles/plans, the Smart Stream Data Package will be given priority (consumed first) when using the Smart Stream Service. The following consumption order of priority will be applied, where applicable: Stream data package è Plan data package è Prepaid data package.

Can the Smart Stream Data Package be used for regular internet browsing?

No, the Smart Stream Data Package is restricted for use in the Smart Stream App only. Regular data bundles can be used/purchased for your internet browsing and other usage activities.

How can I check my Smart Stream Data balance?

Your Smart Stream Data Balance can be checked using the Smart App or by texting your number (Ex. 655-0000) to 9666.

What happens if my Smart Stream Data Package is depleted/finished?

When the Smart Stream data package has been consumed or expired, the app will begin to stream using other data plans for the phone number, where available.

Who do I contact for additional information?

For additional information or any questions on the Smart Stream Service, please contact Smart’s support team at 1090, 1091, 1092, or 1093.

Does the Smart Stream Service support screen mirroring, casting, or HDMI connections to a TV or other screen?

Presently, the Smart Stream service does not support screen mirroring and casting. Nonetheless, HDMI cable connections to different devices are supported. Therefore, users can only share streamed movies on their computer (PC) using an HDMI connection.