Installment Plan

Need an Installment Plan?

Smart offers customers the option to pay in monthly installments for phones costing $500 and above.

Application requirements:

  1. Minimum of 2 years employment. Self-employed customers will be required to present a bank reference highlighting their good standing.
  2. Existing Smart customers must have a good credit rating.
  3. Employment Letter.
  4. Two personal references with contact numbers and addresses.
  5. Valid form of Identification.
  6. Proof of Address.
  7. Installment contract must be signed.

Installment Plan features:

  • Who qualifies? - PostPaid and Prepaid customers qualify. Prepaid customers must sign up for a billable service. Options include: a PostPaid Plan (Click here to view our Plans); PostPaid MiFi Data Plan (Click here to view our Data Packages); or Smart Broadband Unlimited Internet (Click here to view Speeds & Prices).
  • Terms - Handsets costing between $500 - $800 will be given a term of 12 months to repay. Handsets costing over $800 will be given a term of 24 months to repay.
  • Down Payment - A 10% down payment is required.
  • Cost of Device - The standard selling price will be offered.
  • Discounts / Promo Pricing - Customers under Smart Installment Plan do not qualify for promotional prices, trade-in / upgrade, or plan discounts.
  • Warranty - The standard 3 month warranty applies. (Click here to view our Warranty)
  • Installment Payment - must be a maximum of 10% of monthly disposable income.

Visit your nearest showroom to apply with a Customer Service Representative or Sales Manager.